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Supposte Alla Fragola #7

Autore : Staff Fanzinoteca d'Italia
Categoria : generica
Domenica, 20 Dicembre 2015 - 12:27

Supposte Alla Fragola #7 - November 2015
a5, 20 pgs., b/w (with few handmade coloration) [ltd. 100 copies] Available: 2 euros

With the contribution of:
Silvano Pica
HysM?Duo e Claudia C.
David Opp
Gaia Cristofaro
Stefano Spataro
Jacopo Fiore

The HysM? project initially starts as a form of music, played by a duet, characterised by its noisy and experimental improvisation, born by the will to 'mess around with objects and sounds', and finishing to build a particularly colourful music, very much different from that which is usually listened around.
The creators of the project are Stefano Spataro and Jacopo Fiore. The musical performance grounds on the fusion of sounds made by conventional instruments, like the drums (Jacopo), the bass or the guitar (Stefano), the keyboards, the synthesizers and the loop station (both of them), which find themselves established over the use of common objects or the sampling of everyday sounds. From this rises an intrication of distorted acid hallucinating sounds. The project, even if formally is still a duet, is open to collaborations or influences, of other musicians or even of other artists generally speaking.
In time, the idea has transformed and developed up to the decision to create a music catalogue which should collect not only the productions of the duet with its collaborations, but also several projects that the two components adhere to.
Therefore, being something else than a label, HysM? is (or at least wants to be) a gatherer of music, the so-called underground music which has little space in the current diffusion, but which has a great number of listeners.
Everything that will be a part of the HysM? catalogue will indeed be in a popular format and will be widespread at actually very popular prices (if not sometimes even for free) through CD-R, cassettes, or free-downloads.
After this introduction into our work, all we additionally need to say, to you that happened to arrive here, is that we are waiting for your opinion, that we are looking for people with whom to talk, to promote and to make music.
If you'd like to write us for compliments, complaints, collaborations and everything else please write to: haveyousaidmidi [at] gmail [dot] com

If you'd like to submit a promo, do it! We are going to listen to everything and everyone, but before doing it please take a listen to what we produce and in which way. We also prefer to get in touch with musicians through mail before a collaboration.

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Staff Fanzinoteca d'Italia


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