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Centro-Nazionale-Studi-Fanzine-Volumes-Zurigh-2019 INTERNATIONAL OPEN CALL EXHIBITION - VOLUMES 2019

To all zinesters, artists who make books and independent publishers, If you cannot make it to Zurich but still wish to take part in VOLUMES 2019, you are most welcome to contribute to this year's *INTERNATIONAL OPEN CALL EXHIBITION*. To do so, please send us ONE publication by the 15th of November. Please don't forget to mention: title, credits, year, size, number of pages, printing technique and ISBN if applicable.
All publications will be exhibited then join our archive, which we showcase in curated sections at various events (the latest one being Boomfest comic festival which took place this September in St Petersburg, Russia).

Please send your contribution to: "VOLUMES, c/o Franchette, Hildastrasse 11, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland"
We look forward to receiving and showcasing your - VOLUMES 2019 takes place on 29-30th/11 & 01/12 at Kunsthalle Zurich
Sincerely yours, VOLUMES
#volumeszurich - #AnLaur

info: - - instagram/volumeszurich

Staff Centro Nazionale studi Fanzine
Autore : Staff Centro Naz. Studi Fanzine
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15/10/2019 - 19:19

Fanzine Fanzinoteca d'Italia 0.2
Centro Nazionale Studi Fanzine - Fanzinoteca d'Italia 0.2
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